AP HRD is a process to get authentication on documents issued by Andhra Pradesh goverment. We have URGENT and Normal processes available. At present the Andhra Pradesh HRD is done in Vijayawada PWD guest house.

HRD & GAD are not different; on Marriage and Birth Certificates the seals will be “ATTESTED” and this will be called as GAD. But on Degree or study certificates “AUTHENTICATED” will come instead of “ATTESTED”, this is called as HRD. Both are one and same NRI processes.

NOTE: For all the cases mentioned below if the candidate has done CBSE/ICSE instead of State Syllabus for 10th andIntermediate exams, he/she should submit the pass certificate as well as mark sheet copy of the exams.

AP HRD On SSC/ INTER Certificates

  • Passport neat scan copies
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Original letter from the future employer or study place (university or college)
  • Original SSC/Inter certificate.

AP HRD on DC 3yrs/ 4yrs

  • SSC copy
  • Inter copy(If Diploma is done before Degree, Mark Sheet copies & Pass Certificate copy of the Diploma to be produced)
  • Degree Certificate original
  • Mark sheets copies (3yrs/4yrs)
  • Passport neat scan copies
  • 2 Passport size Photos.

AP HRD on MBBS certificate

  • SSC copy
  • Inter copy
  • MBBS certificate original
  • Mark sheets copies, all separate copies needed(no consolidate accepted)
  • MBBS Registration Certificate copy
  • Passport neat scan copies
  • 2 Passport size Photos.

AP HRD on Nursing certificate

  • SSC copy
  • Inter copy
  • Nursing Certificate Original
  • Mark sheets copies, all separate copies needed(no consolidate accepted)
  • Nursing Registration Certificate copy
  • Passport neat scan copies
  • 2 Passport size Photos.

AP HRD on PG certificates

  • SSC copy
  • Inter copy
  • Degree Certificate Mark sheets copies (3yrs/4yrs)
  • Degree Certificate copy
  • Post Graduate Certificate original
  • All the mark sheets copies of PG
  • Passport neat scan copies
  • 2 Passport size Photos.

AP HRD on NTC (National Trade Certificate)

  • SSC copy
  • Inter copy (if there is)
  • Passport neat scan copies
  • National Trade provisional certificate copy
  • National Trade certificate original
  • 2 Passport size Photos.

Marriage Cetificate GAD

  • Original Passport neat scan copies of the couple
  • SSC copies of the couple or Birth Certificate copies(For Christians Marriage photos + Church Father license copy to issue the Marriage Certificate)
  • Original marriage certificate


  1. Difference of couple age should not be more than 8 years, if it is additional charges apply.
  2. Inter cast marriages/Special Marriage Act issued certificates will be treated under special category and additional charges apply.

Birth Certificate GAD

  • Passport new scan copies copies of father & mother for children up to 10th standard
  • 10th class certificate copy
  • Original BC (if BC is taken after one year of birth proceeding letter from the municipal office is needed)
  • Original birth certificate

Processing time: 4-5 weeks for educational certificates and 3-4 weeks for non-educational certificates.

HRD under Special Category:

The following certificate HRDs fall under special cases.


  • Original certificate with “DUPLICATE” seal issued by Govt. or Universities
  • FIR copy or University letter copy
  • Other documentation as per the concerned lost certificate (If Degree certificate, follow the balance documentation as given above. The same with all the other documents).

Divorce Certificate HRD

  • Original divorce certificate
  • Marriage certificate copy
  • The couple passport copies

Death Certificate HRD

  • Original death certificate
  • Passport copy of the expired
  • Passport copy of any of his/her blood relative

Normal Processing time: 3-4 working days

Fee: Please confirm with office before starting the process.

Special Attention

  1. HRD/GAD will not be done on any Provisional certificates except on NTC (National Trade certificate) & NIT Warangal, etc. Please confirm with office.
  2. If the applicant has done CBSE or ICSE syllabus for his/her SSC or Inter studies, they should compulsorily submit the mark sheet & the pass certificate of the course separately.
  3. DUPLICATE” certificates submitted for HRD needs University letter or FIR copy as supporting doc. (Duplicate = original lost and re-applied)
  4. Please make sure with our office that there are no updates regarding change of documentation or processing time.
  5. Newly issued passport holders should submit scans of;
    1. – First inside 2 pages & the next 2 pages which include photo page
    2. – Last inside 2 pages which includes Address page.
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